Our Mission


Chatterie de Briseis bolsters preservation training, examination, and effort exercises that expand comprehension of our worldwide social legacy.

CDE is a 501(c)3 enterprise whose exclusive part is AIC. Its governing body, contained up to 15 individuals, creates key course for the association, working in conjunction with the AIC directorate.

Statement of purpose

To hoist the essential part of social legacy protection by applying its skill to earnest worldwide safeguarding activities while enabling preservation experts, propelling gathering organizations, and drawing in the general population.

Center Values

Conservation of Cultural Heritage

CDE advances the conservation of social legacy as a methods toward a more profound comprehension of our common humankind—the need to communicate through innovative accomplishment in expressions of the human experience, humanities, and sciences. We respect the history and respectability of these accomplishments through the safeguarding of social materials for future eras.

Headway of the Field

CDE advances the headway of master information of materials and innovations, and dominance of protection and conservation. We advance the comprehension of the qualities and settings of social legacy and anxiety educated basic leadership in protection. We are committed to benefit in the field, research, sharing learning, and proceeded with training.

Building Operational Strength and Sustainability

CDE grasps maintained, vital administration of our association, mirroring our obligations to conservators, united callings, accomplices, general society, and our social legacy safeguarding plan. FAIC backings and improves the objectives of AIC, and thusly expands on the accomplishments of AIC and its individuals.